Friday, May 28, 2010


Thankyou Andrew and Val and family for being a living testimony of Jesus , his love, pain , joy , sorrow and hope.

I had only been attending the Vineyard for a short time and Andrew was at the Boston site. I did not have the great blessing of getting to know him personally other than to see him and hear him and Val speak at the church in Cambridge. My life merged with Marianne and Chuck and the story of this man and his life began to unfold more and more before me. It has been my greatest privilege to pray for Andrew and be a part of this journey. It is profound how much someone can affect you in life and not know him well. I have been touched and changed seeing and hearing all he has been and done for others. Andrew's journey and sharing it with all of you has changed me and my life forever. I will only press on with more love, more hope and joy in Jesus name upon this earth , Thy Kingdom Come, Lord, Thy Kingdome Come...

Thankyou Andrew and thankyou Jesus for allowing all of us this precious time with him.

Judy Jordan

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