Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Never forgotten

I don't really have any specific memories to share, but this is more a personal observance of Andrew's right character. He had a cheerful and calm demeanor, and a friendly smile. I know he truly loved his family and friends, and both cheered and prayed for their successes. He was not afraid to be real and honest about himself. He had patience with me during my time in his and Val's small group several years ago when I was an emotional mess, muddling my way through life. For that, I am truly humbled and thankful.
Well, I guess I do have a specific memory of Andrew. When I was on prayer team at the Boston site, the team would sit in the atrium to pray before the service started. Sometimes Andrew, Val and the kids would come into the building through the door in the atrium. He'd walk by us and say, "Go, prayer team!" He was our cheerleader and he knew we loved him.
As hard as it is to believe that Andrew is no longer with us, I'm at peace because I KNOW he is now resting in God's presence. Amen to that.
Rachel Boyd
Jamaica Plain, MA

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