Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thanks Andrew

You have made an impact on me, thank you for it. I am a different person than I would otherwise be because I knew you. Here are some things that come to mind...

I say things like "You Rock" and refer to being sad as "bummed." I like Jack Johnson, I even pray "The Divine Hours" (although not as consistently as I would like.)

I'm more reliant on Jesus.
Thanks for all the times that you made in your busy schedule to hang out with me. To listen to my problems patiently, never judge, and give wise advice. Thanks for helping me see the underlying fears and false beliefs that were affecting the choices I made. Thanks for helping me invite Jesus to heal some of those. Thanks for your joy, passion for Jesus, and humor.

I'm married.
But it was not a 1 day ordeal with flowers and white dresses. It was listening to Kate and I talked about our fights, while you and Val chased kids around your home. It was praying for our relationship before and after we were married. It was teaching us not to kill each other for our different attitudes toward money. Thanks for showing me what a father and a husband can look like. As Kate and I figure out how we will raise our children, I often ask what would Andrew and Val do?

I'm a leader.
Thanks for teaching me how to lead, and how to do that as a servant. Both for people trying to follow Jesus, and for people trying put away chairs at church. You taught me to encourage, listen, make strategies, trust in Jesus, pray for people I lead.

Thanks for changing me. I am so glad to have known you here.

Enjoy heaven,

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