Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Andrew's Legacy

Way back in 2004, a group of us from the college ministry were gearing
up to leave Boston and plant a church together in New York. I was
talking with Andrew about my fears and difficulties about leaving our
wonderful community. He said to me, "Get as close to your friends as
you can before you leave. It's okay to be sad, because you're leaving
as close friends. Don't end your friendships early. Everyone should be
crying at the going away party because everyone is so close."

Andrew invested deeply in his friends. He urged others to be like him.
His grinning face and humorous attitude were contagious. His hopeful
spirit was powerful.

Andrew multiplied himself in the lives he touched. He leaves a legacy
of hope-bringers and friend-makers.

The world needs what Andrew gave. And he keeps giving through the
lives he impacted. He was a special man in a special place at a
special time.

One day I'll understand why God took Andrew. For now I take comfort
that he has joined the could of witnesses -- I imagine him loving
powerfully, boldly encouraging others, worshiping freely and living
fully for Jesus.

Andrew, thank you for everything you gave us.
God, thank you for giving us Andrew.

Gabrien Symons

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