Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Generations of Blessing

The Snekviks are a source of rich joy and blessing for me and my whole family. I first met Chuck and Marianne, Andrew and Ingrid when I moved to Portland. I was attracted by a hunger to know the Lord and some stories of church life. Not knowing what I would find, the first thing that touched me so deeply was the love of these brothers and sisters. They became friends and encouragers, pillars and precious stones in a house God is building. I was privileged to be built with the Snekviks for an eternal purpose. Chuck and Marianne opened their home to us. They opened their hearts and family to us. We became friends and enjoyed so much with them and their children. Andrew grew up before our eyes as a testimony to the hunger and thirst for God present in Andrew’s whole family. We went camping together, ran together, prayed together and worshiped the Lamb. We watched Andrew sail through Portland High School. I remember the day we went to a Portland beach to witness Andrew’s baptism. A joyful testimony in front of a number of his high school friends as well as the believers he knew. Then Andrew flew off to Stanford. Chuck and Marianne continued to encourage us as they continued their search for what God is all about practically in their lives.

The Snekviks gave and gave (and are still giving). As Christ was poured into them, they just let Him be poured out again to others. When Andrew came back for visits, he was always ready to pray for us or encourage us. Then Andrew found Val, who reflected and magnified the joy of Jesus with Andrew. I thank our Lord Jesus for the fellowship we could share with Andrew and all the Snekviks. I thank you, Val, for letting God’s love be multiplied in you and for trusting Him with your lives. We are confident that God will raise up your children, Samuel, Stephen and Mark, to continue the blessing that has been flowing for several generations. We look forward to meeting them and seeing you again one day. We continue to pray for you and your family Val. We pray for you too, Chuck and Marianne, Ingrid and Chris, as we give Jesus our pain and loss. We will miss Andrew very much. Thank you for showing us more of Jesus!

Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; from Psalm 84

With deep love and sympathy, Ollie, Jen and the Muff family

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