Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm taking time today to remember you and your life. It's been a
couple of years since I last saw you, and I miss you a lot. I know
that when I see you next, you will be in a pretty posh place in
heaven. Through your death I have come to see with striking clarity
that what we do here during our transient lives has eternal
consequences. I strive to live life just the way you did.
I am sorry for all the pain that you suffered. From afar I shared in
your pain, hoping and praying. But to the end, you have given so
much. In some way, you really lived out what your life stood for in
the way you faced death. It reminds me of Jesus.
You were always fun to be with, and your jokes were funny. You had
much joy from living out the truth, and you were always willing to
share it. I am thankful to be one that has received your love and
companionship. You may not be here now, but the imprint of your life
in this world will always live in us. Hallelujah for the hope that we
have, and all that we have to look forward to! Bless you Andrew.
I'll celebrate your life by living mine to the fullest. I'll see you
at the end.

James Choi

ps Sam, Steve and Mark must be so big now!

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